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Towels With A Twist

14 May 2019

The simple towel.

Sitting all alone in your bathroom, largely forgotten and sometimes only remembered when it is not there anymore because it has been unceremoniously dumped in the laundry basket.

But don't feel sorry for the humble towel, although it may not seem like every desert islander's luxury or essential item, it is indeed luxurious and essential, as least the ones at Dusk are.

Made from 100% quality cotton our towels are quick to dry, super absorbent and faultlessly fluffy - but how?

It's all in the twist

If you are after the softest, most plushest of fabrics for getting dry and warm quickly after a bath or shower, towels made using zero twist technology will certainly fit the bill. In the twist process, yarns for the towel are twisted so that extra strength is provided, the heavier the twist, the stronger the towel. The larger surface area which is created in the towel, thanks to this process, creates greater absorbency and softness.

Conversely, less quality fabrics have to be spun many times to achieve the same quality. Dusk towels do not need to be twisted during production because they are made from long, high quality staple cotton. Remember that most towels are made from cotton, but some cotton towels are better quality than others. Better in the sense of softness, absorbency and durability levels which are higher in the thicker towels made with zero twist technology.

Have a look at our ribbed towels, the Monocao collection for a stylish addition to your bathroom or the Antibes collection with striking border feature. All our towels are made from zero twist technology but they each offer a different style for your bathroom.

And remember, when it comes to good quality, luxury towels, the twist is, there is no twist.

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