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How to | Style Winter Warmers

06 Nov 2017

As the night's grow darker and colder all we want to do is cosy up in bed. Layer up this Autumn and Winter and style your bed with gorgeous textures and layers for a boutique look.

Adding a throw, bedspread or a set of cushions can revitalise your decor without an extreme makeover. Whether you choose chunky knits or silky sateen quilts, you can revamp your bedroom with a quick change of colour and texture.

Incredibly soft faux fur for a cosy hideaway. 

Create a cosy and warm aesthetic with the amazingly soft Luxury Faux Fur throw and cushion covers.

Luxury Faux Fur

Chunky knits for a Scandinavian feel. 

Channel the Scandinavian concept of Hygge with the chunky knit of the St Ives throw and give your room a dramatic focal point.

Richmond White with St Ives throw

Choose a hexagonal knit pattern for a homely textured look with the Oslo Collection in Laurel, Light Grey and Dark Grey.

Oslo Collection

Sleek sateen for a boutique look.

For a statement look and hotel feel, the sateen sheen of the Manhattan is the perfect fit and is available in a silver or putty. 

Manhattan Bedspread in Silver

Manhattan Putty Collection

Cosy cotton for an effortlessly chic style.

The cotton quilting and grey linen border of the Starlet bedspread creates a charming statement in your bedroom and is hand-finished with a delicate star stitch for an effortless look. 

Starlet Collection

Add a splash of colour with the soft blush and grey of the Twilight Collection. 

Twilight Collection

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