7 Ways to Dress a Bed Like a Designer

Do you want your bed to look like it’s just been picked up out of a magazine? Longing to unleash your inner interior designer?

Whether you’re wanting to learn how to dress a bed or create that cosy, luxurious layered look, it’s about more than deciding on a duvet cover. To create an Instragram-worthy bed, it starts from the base layer and ends with decorative cushions and throws.

In this blog post, the team at DUSK have come together to give you their 7 top tips, so you can dress your own bed like a designer.

Luxe Fitted Sheet

For maximum designer effect, begin with your bed’s base layer. The first part is a luxury fitted sheet. Ensure the fitted sheet you choose is the right size to fit your mattress, as if it doesn’t fit correctly, it will begin to ride up the edges and spoil your polished looking bed. For this reason, our bedding expert has suggested you consider the depth of your mattress as “not many people realise there is a difference, but a regular fitted sheet will not stay on a deep mattress.”

White fitted sheets are a great option as they look crisp, clean and will go with any colour in your bedroom. For the most lavish of finishes, Eygptian cotton sheets will create the ultimate silky soft feel when you crawl into bed. 

Top Sheet

For a truly elegant and sophisticated bed, incorporate a flat sheet into your bedding layers. This is a trick that both boutique hotels and interior designers use, and it will instantly elevate your bedding. To do this, lay the flat sheet on your bed upside down, make sure it’s smooth, then fold back over the top of your duvet to reveal any pretty detailing and add an extra wow-factor to your bed. 

For maximum impact, we recommend choosing a bed sheet with an accent color that matches in with the rest of your bedroom colour scheme. For example, if you have a navy throw and cushions paired with a white duvet colour, using a flat sheet that features navy coloured detailing will introduce extra texture into your bedroom. 

A flat sheet is also perfect for those summer months if you feel it’s too warm for a duvet! 


On top of your flat sheet should be your duvet and duvet cover. Ensure you choose a high-quality duvet that will keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer — our all-seasons duvet is the easiest way to achieve this. Opt for a plump duvet to create a cosy and welcoming finish, then encase in a 100% cotton duvet cover for a bed that looks as lovely as it feels. 

White bedding will create a timeless and classic looking bedroom, oozing that designer look and feel. Pair with any other colour to add depth and texture to your bedroom. If you want your bedroom to be bright and airy without using white bedding, introduce a lighter colour palette such as a neutral, grey or pastel pink to create a bedroom with a touch of glamour. Alternatively, select a duvet cover that has a rich colour detailing such as navy blue to introduce a level of depth. 

Pile On Pillows 

Choose pillows that are perfectly plump — they will look great on your bed as well as give you the best night's sleep. Read more about finding your perfect pillow over on our blog. For a designer feel, layer two or three pillows at the head of your bed.

Cocoon your pillows with beautiful white cotton pillowcases for that chic and stylish finish to your bedroom. For added charm and texture, Oxford border pillowcases create a fabulous traditional addition to your bed and help to create that lavish look.

Add A Second Duvet

Wondering how to style your bed beyond the typical realms? Layering a folded second duvet over the end of your bed is the perfect way to make your bed look plump and fluffy. To create a real impact, choose a patterned or different colour duvet cover to make your bedroom look inviting and warm. 

Our top tip: Make sure that your second duvet drapes effortlessly over the end of your mattress, lazily covering your main duvet to achieve the most effective finish. 

Decorative Cushions

Decorative throw cushions are arguably one of the most effective parts of dressing your bed. They are a great way of adding colour, texture and that designer touch to your bedroom. For the full effect, layer large cushions behind your pillow to introduce further style and sophistication, with smaller cushions placed in front of your pillows.

Choose a colour scheme for your bedroom and match your cushions for a room that looks effortlessly put together. Whether you’re wanting to achieve a glamorous style with pink and grey accents or go rich and bold with a deep navy blue, you won’t be disappointed by the outcome. 

Drape A Throw Blanket

Create effortless style by draping a throw blanket over the end of your bed. Whether you love a lightweight knitted blanket, would like to add a bit of pattern or you’re looking for a heavier bedspread, a throw will add an abundance of character or colour. 


Neatly place your throw over the end of your bed or for an extra touch of style, casually drape it over the corner, letting part of it drop onto the floor. 

How will you be dressing your bed to achieve those designer bedroom dreams? We’d love to know! Let us know on Facebook or Instagram.