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When will items that are out of stock be available to purchase?

When a popular product is out of stock we provide a due in stock date and offer you the opportunity to place a pre-order. In order to reserve the stock for you we take payment at the point you place your pre-order. We endeavour to communicate that this is a pre-order item at all times throughout the shopping experience. The pre-order date is visible whilst you browse the site, once the item is placed in your shopping bag, at the checkout stage and finally on your email confirmation so that you will always have a record of its due in date.

I need further information about an item

Our customer service team is always happy to help if you have any questions or need some advice about any of our products. Either call our helpline: 0113 426 0115 or email us at: [email protected]

Are your pillowcases sold in pairs?

Yes, all of our pillowcases are sold in pairs.

Should I wash my bed linen before use?

Yes, we recommend that you wash all bed linen before use.

Which fitted sheet should I get for my bed?

We offer 2 sizes of fitted sheets: standard which is 30cm deep and deep which is 34cm deep. If your mattress is less than 30cm, our standard fitted sheets will still fit as they are elasticated and will fit snuggly under the mattress.

What is the difference between Oxford and Classic pillowcases?

Our Classic pillowcases are standard rectangle pillowcases which have no border or feature around their edge but may have a feature strip running down their face. Our Oxford pillowcases have an additional 7cm border of fabric and a detail feature that runs around the pillow edge.

What is a tog and how do I know which tog to choose?

Togs are used as a scale of warmth and are not a measure of quality. We offer 4.5 tog, 9 tog, 13.5 tog and “all seasons” duvets. Our all seasons duvets offer a great deal of flexibility as they comprise of a 4.5 tog and 9 tog duvet connected together for a super snug feel; these 2 duvets can be unconnected and used separately once the weather gets milder. We recommend the following: Summer – 4.5 tog; Spring/Autumn - 9 tog; Winter - 13.5 tog or an all seasons duvet.

How do I know which pillow support to choose?

Generally soft pillows are appropriate for people who sleep on their front, medium support pillows are well-suited to side sleepers and firm pillows are suitable for people who sleep on their back. But it is really down to personal preference and the level of support you find most comfortable.

Are your pillows sold in pairs?

Yes, all of our pillows are sold in pairs.

Do your duvet covers come with pillowcases?

Our duvet covers and pillowcases are sold separately and not in a set, this gives you more flexibility when choosing your bedding to suit your needs. Pillowcases are sold in pairs.

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