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Our customer service team is always happy to help if you have any questions or need some advice about our products. Either call our helpline: 0113 519 0311 or email us at: [email protected]

Do your duvet covers come with pillowcases?

Our duvet covers and pillowcases are sold separately - not in a set - to give you more flexibility when choosing bed linen to suit your needs.

Are your pillowcases sold in pairs?

Yes, all of our pillowcases are sold in pairs.

Should I wash my bed linen before use?

Yes, we recommend that you wash all bed linen before use. Once you decide you are happy with your items, please wash them following the instructions on the label. We will not be able to accept returns of any items that have been washed or used.

What is the difference between Oxford and Classic pillowcases?

Classic pillowcases are standard rectangle pillowcases which have no border or feature around their edge. Oxford pillowcases have an additional 7cm border of fabric and a detail feature that runs around the pillow edge.

What is a tog and how do I know which tog to choose?

Togs are used as a scale of warmth and are not a measure of quality. You can read our guide to choosing the right duvet for you here.

How do I know which pillow support to choose?

Generally soft pillows are appropriate for people who sleep on their front, medium support pillows are well-suited to side sleepers and firm pillows are suitable for people who sleep on their back.

You can read our guide on choosing the right pillow for you here.

If you require any specific medical advice relating to back or neck pain we recommend you consult a qualified professional.

Are your pillows sold in pairs?

Yes, almost all of our pillows are sold in pairs. Cooling pillows are sold individually.

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