Long-lasting, super soft and versatile, it's no wonder our pure cotton bedding feels so luxurious.


Florence White Bedding Set 

Our bedding collections begin with high quality materials. We use our expertise in bed linens and fabrics to source the best materials around the world for our luxury bedding for less. And there’s nothing better than slipping between quality Suvin cotton sheets.

Suvin Cotton is considered to be the world’s longest and finest cotton fibre, giving our white bedding its beautifully silky soft feel. Grown exclusively in India, Suvin cotton is stronger, longer and finer than Egyptian cotton. The dense quality of the fibres results in a stunningly soft and lustrous finish for a luxurious look. The superb quality of the cotton means that your bedding just improves with each wash, getting softer and softer and making it a true home investment.

At DUSK, our bedding is made from 100% Suvin cotton and is available in a crisp percale or a silky sateen. The luxurious cotton bedding is then complemented with Oxford edges, elegant stitching or delicate detail to become our signature styles, only available only at DUSK.com.
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