Richmond white bedding

At we pride ourselves in using high quality textiles to create timeless bedding and the thread count of the fabric is part of this, able to adjust the feel and lifespan of the bedding.

Our team at believe the best thread count is between 200 and 400, and uses 100% pure cotton yarn for a supreme finish and a soft feel that lasts. But what does thread count actually mean?

Simply put, the thread count is the number of individual threads in a square inch of fabric. But it is much more complicated than that. Fabrics are woven using two types of yarn; the warp and the weft. The warp is the vertical yarn, threaded onto the loom while the weft is the yarn woven through from left to right, a timely process that creates the long reams of fabric. This doesn't necessarily mean the higher the thread count is, the higher the quality.

Over the years, factories have found a way to increase the thread count of fabric by using low quality thinner yarns, twisting them together to boast a high thread count. Unfortunately, this cheats those who expect higher thread counts to be the best and they often find these fabrics are thinner, lower quality and don’t last.