The Dusk Team believe sleep is the key to a happy, healthy and balanced life, and that starts with your bedding. Find out if the Supreme Goose Down is the right fill for your best night's sleep.

Goose Down Duvet

Our Supreme Goose Down Duvets are the epitome of luxury living: Filled with 80% fluffy white goose down and wrapped in 100% cotton percale, the duvet collection is competitively priced to offer you an amazing quality product for less. But there's more to what makes our duvet great.

There are many benefits to down and feather fills. The fluffy down clusters are a natural insulator with incredibly soft strands that make the duvet incredibly lofty with a slight spring back. An inner core of pure white goose feather adds extra weight and support to keep you warm and cosy at night, while the baffle wall structure keeps the down and feathers in place to avoid lumpy or bald patches.

Our duvets are encased in 100% superior cotton to compliment the fill for a breathable duvet, perfect for regulating your body temperature during the night.

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