With the festivities just around the corner, many of us will be preparing the house to welcome family and friends. Update your spare bedroom with our easy steps and create a cosy retreat to give your guests a 5-star stay.

1. Dress the bed in 100% cotton
Cotton is charmingly soft and cosy, creating an ideal base for your guests. What's more, the natural cotton is easy to launder, getting even softer with each wash. Choose a simple white linen in the Richmond, or add a little luxury with the elegant lace stitch of the Isabel or a dash of colour with the Mayfair Collection.

2. Keep it cosy with a throw and matching cushions
Wow your guests with a finished look that will look great all year round. Adding a throw can create a hotel-style look and offers an extra layer on colder nights.

3. Declutter
Set a relaxed atmosphere and allow your guests to have some space by decluttering your spare room. Donate anything you don't need and tidy away anything else into stylish storage units.

4. Keep it relaxed and cosy
Place a scented candle on their bedside table as a decorative treat. It will also add a cosy and homely feel to the room.

5. Fresh and clean cotton
There's nothing better than the smell and feel of freshly laundered sheets. Take a look at our care guide to get the best from your 100% cotton bedding.