How to prepare your guest bedroom this Christmas

Christmas planning is not just about making Christmas cakes, ordering turkeys and shopping for gifts, it’s also about getting your home ready for your festive guests.

As many of us have friends and relatives visiting us from all corners of the UK and overseas during the Yuletide season, we want to make sure our bedrooms are ready for overnight guests. And as it’s such a special time of year, now is an ideal time to build in some Christmas holiday sparkle to your guest room preparation.

Have a look at our tips to get your room ready for your winter visitors.

    1. Guest Supplies

      Not just at Christmas, but when you are expecting guests all year round, it’s a good plan to make sure you have all the essentials in stock. When travelling it can be easy to overlook packing your toothbrush or shower gel, so make sure you have a small supply of soaps, toothpaste, brushes and clean, fresh face towels in your guest room or en suite.

    1. Fresh Towels

      On the subject of bathroom supplies, don’t forget to leave on the bed or in the bathroom some clean fresh towels. Guests often don’t bring their own towels, so you will need to have some at the ready, ideally some large bath sheets and hand towels too.

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    1. Seasonal Flowers

      Fresh cut flowers and house plants add life to a room at any time of year, so why not use this idea and make it Christmassy by adding in a red Poinsettia, some green ivy or some white Chrysanthemums?

    1. Home Fragrance

      But a few scented candles on to clear surfaces in your room. They can make a space feel instantly festive with their many Christmas scents, including cinnamon and orange. Fir tree fragrances which have a note of pine and cedar will instantly make your room more festive and nostalgic.

    1. De-clutter

      Remember to remove clutter from the room your guests will be staying in. This includes clearing surfaces, making a space for a suitcase or travel bag and providing hanging space in the wardrobe too.

    1. Luxury Christmas Bedding

      Finally, and perhaps most importantly, make sure you have high quality bedding. High thread count cotton with a range of cushions and layered throws will make a bed look like a winter haven. Take a look at DUSK's full bed linen collections and cushion & throw collections.

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