Ways to Turn Your Hybrid Home Office Into a Haven

Do you want to make your home office feel heavenly and luxurious? Are you short on space to create a truly stylish hybrid home office? Over the past year, many people have had to transfer their work life from the office to the comfort of their own homes and this trend is likely set to continue. It can be a challenge to find a desk that fits into a small space and blends in with your home aesthetics.

Whether you’re working in the spare room, your bedroom or the living room - we are all more productive in a feel-good, inviting and luxurious environment. Embracing your creative flair, adding pops of colour and choosing a space with the most natural light are just a handful of tricks that will help make your home office feel perfect, contributing to a productive day of work.  

In this blog post, the team at DUSK have come together to give you all the expert tips you need to transform your hybrid home office into a luxury haven. 

Get Clever With Your Desk

You might not have much room when it comes to your hybrid home office so you may need to think outside the box! Select some stylish storage solutions and browse sophisticated desk ideas that save space and can even be packed up at the end of the day. From desk shelves that slide out, slimline cabinets and even fold-down desks, there's an abundance of desk solutions for even the smallest of spaces. You could even get creative and turn your cupboard into an office space! 

You will also want to invest in an office chair and cushions too. These need to be comfy as you will be sitting for long periods of time. 

DUSK Top Tip: Don’t worry about fitting a traditional desk into your spare room and try shopping around for clever home office alternatives instead.

Create a Comfy Space

Your hybrid home office is a space where you not only want to be productive, but you also want to feel comfy. A great home office should be a cosy space where you can feel comfortable and be productive..Add a sofa, chair or even style a few blankets and cushions in the corner to create the perfect room.

For extra snugness, scatter decorative cushions and luxurious throws so you have somewhere to enjoy your break times. You could also add a small coffee table for your food and drinks and a stylish lamp for added warmth. Creating a comfort zone in your office space may be overlooked but you will be thankful when you have one! 

Add a Pop of Colour 

A great way to turn your hybrid home office into a luxury haven is to add colour. Why not try creating a gallery wall full of colourful prints to add vibrance to your office space? If your walls are painted a neutral colour or if you’re renting and you’re not able to paint the walls, you could introduce colour with your chosen home accessories.  So why not add elements of sage, pink, or navy to your hybrid home office?

You can also add touches of colour by getting creative with storage. Paint and repurpose tin cans for your pens, pencils, scissors and more. This will keep your home office space tidy, whilst adding a touch of your personality.

DUSK Top Top: Brighten up your space by adding pops of colour with accessories such as pen pots, rugs, throws and cushions! 

Decorate with Greenery 

Do you want to create a calm, relaxing yet productive hybrid home office? Once you have created your cosy space and selected the perfect cushions, you may want to add a touch of greenery too. From relieving stress and improving air quality through to helping reduce sickness and increasing comfort - a little greenery in your home office can give your mood and your health a boost. Perfect for helping you through the working day! 

Plants not only bring nature from outside your window into your space, they help to make you feel calm - what's not to love? According to one study, just a few plants can increase productivity by as much as 15%. So grab yourself some office plants that don't require much care and you’ll be sure to reap the rewards. 

Embrace Natural Light, But Don’t Forget the Lamps 

When creating your perfect hybrid home office, you should ensure you’re in a space with plenty of natural light, as there is nothing worse than being cramped up against the darkest wall in the room. Make sure to move your desk close to a window to give you all the benefits of natural light. It’s also a great way to look at the outdoor scenery when taking a break from your screen. 

During a UK winter, nights get darker earlier so we can’t always rely on natural light. You will want to add ambient lighting as this will offer you soft light when it gets darker so you can continue to be productive all day long. There are plenty of high-quality desk and floor lamps that can add a flair of style and warmth to your home office. 

DUSK Top Tip: Ambient lighting will add a chic touch of style to your office! 

Add Personality and Warmth

The best part of creating your own home office is that you can have fun and be creative with the decor. A great home office will not only be stylish but it will be inviting too, helping to improve your work productivity. A warm environment with pops of vibrant colour will help to increase your energy levels. Why not surround yourself with your favourite scent too? With the touch of a gorgeous home fragrance, you can feel less stressed and get your work done with ease. 

If you’re looking to add warmth and personality to your hybrid work space, personal photos of family and friends are a great touch to keep you motivated. Add mementos of success and posters that make you laugh to help your hybrid office really be part of your home. 

Have you created the perfect hybrid home office? We’d love to hear how you have created a chic, stylish space within your home. Let us know on Facebook or Instagram


Frequently Asked Questions 

What Texture of Throws are Available at DUSK?
Add texture and colour to your hybrid home office with grey, pastels and pink throws, or even add an elegant touch with a white throw. Here at DUSK, we have a wide range of blankets and throws in various sizes and materials. From stylish waffle designs, soft touch microfibre, 100% cotton, silky soft faux silk and more - there's the perfect throw for every home! Whether you want to add an extra layer of comfort or a personal touch to your hybrid office space, our throw designs guarantee the ultimate level of snugness. Read our guide for more information on how to wash your throws.
How Do You Care for DUSK Cushions?
Chic but clean cushions add an extra dimension to any cosy spot within your hybrid home office. You can easily keep your cushions feeling fresh and luxurious with a few simple steps. DUSK’s expert team have put together seven tips to keep your cushions feeling as good as new. This includes top tips such as plumping your cushions up daily, treating stains straight away, vacuuming any dust away that may have collected over time, keeping your furry friends well away, always air drying and, of course, reading the care label!
How Do You Care for Velvet?

Velvet is a luxury material but its appearance can easily be compromised when treated incorrectly. Velvet's unique finish requires little maintenance but, to keep it looking its best, you will want to practice proper care. DUSK has put together an expert list of dos and don’ts so your velvet won’t distort or lose its design.

  • Never iron your velvet products.
  • Don’t apply pressure to the velvet when it’s wet.
  • You should not blot spills - shake off any excess moisture, then air dry. 
  • Always use steam when removing wrinkles.


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