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The Dusk Team share their top tips and expert advice to help get the best night's sleep.

  1. Bedding luxury - why cotton bedding is so special

    Cotton bedding has a whole suite of different qualities that make it special. Perhaps one of the most special things about cotton as a fabric for luxury bedding is that it is understated. As a traditional material, readily available and used in high volume all over the world it is understandable not to consider cotton as a ‘special’. But it’s wide and varied uses are indeed the very reasons why cotton is unique.

    So, what are the qualities that make cotton so special and where is the best place to buy cotton bed linen online?

    We’ve put together a quick guide to reveal all. Have a read…

    What is unique about cotton bedding?

    First of all, let’s have a look at why luxury bedding sets are made from cotton:

    • Its durable and therefore lasts longer. This means that in the long-term, buying cotton bedding sheets means you can save money, as you will not need to replace them as often as other alternatives.
    • Its comfortable on your skin. Cotton is special because it provides a smoothness and crisp feel next to your skin, ideal for when you are ready to hit the hay after a long day. In particular, if you have allergies, cotton is a great fabric to sleep beside as it is hypoallergenic and less likely to cause itchy irritations throughout the night.
    • There’s less maintenance with cotton sheets. They are machine washable at a 30-40 degree temperature and they do not need to be ironed to look good on your bed. They can also be tumbled dried (tip: remove when slightly damp and dry flat so it can be stored neatly or put on your bed straight away).
    • Cotton is breathable, meaning it has a unique capability of adjusting as your body changes temperature through the night. It absorbs body heat and therefore keeps you cool as you sleep. Polyester and other synthetic materials are different as they keep in the heat and you are more likely to become too hot and wake up more regularly as a result.
    • It’s flexible in terms of design. Cotton can be used to look incredible on modern bedding as well as more traditional bedding designs. Fashions in bedding design may come and go but cotton has remained the fabric of choice for all styles through the years and continues to do so. So, whether it’s designer bedding you’re after or you want to achieve a more conventional impression in a room, then cotton is your optimum material.


    Bedding sets

    At Dusk, we have a full variety of cotton bedding collections and luxury bedding sets. If you are looking for a modern appeal, then the Mayfair bed linen collection is ideal. It is made from 400 thread count cotton sateen* and has straight stitched cord edging on all the pillow and duvet cover borders. The collection is available in all sizes and with the stitching in a range of colours, including white, grey, pink, navy blue and light blue.

    *Cotton sateen sheets offer a sheen finish because of the way in which they are threaded, perfect if you want to add a subtle shine to your room.

  2. A guide to choosing the perfect pillow

    Choosing the right pillow is, on the surface, a relatively simple process. But there are some things to consider before you go ahead and purchase. For example, which type of pillow filling do you plump for? Goose down feather pillows? Or duck down pillows?

    Remember that pillow fillings are different for a reason

    Pillows have different fillings for a reason. For example, goose feather pillows are different from duck feather and down pillows. Goose feathers are usually softer and larger individually, therefore offering more support. However, duck feathers are still a favourite and are very durable. Down is softer than feathers and considered to be the softest, most luxurious filling available. To get the right balance, our goose feather and down pillows contain the ideal combination of both feathers to provide support and down for softness.  

    Dusk Goose Down Pillows

    Consider allergies

    Goose down pillows and duck feather pillows can sometimes cause a reaction for those with allergies. If you have an allergy, or if you want to buy pillows for someone who does, then consider DUSK’s Feels Like Down Super Soft pillow collection. Packed with down-quality fill, these pillows are breathable and lightweight and made from 100% microfibre with a soft skin casing.

    Focus on fabric

    In other words, don’t dismiss the fabric that covers your bedding pillow. Find out the type of material that directly covers your pillow. This is again important for those who suffer from allergies or have sensitive skin. While goose down pillows and duck down pillows provide the ultimate filling, make sure the casing of your pillow as just as high quality.

    At DUSK, our range of pillows are made with 100% cotton percale which means that thanks to the unique properties of cotton, they are fresh to the touch and easy to keep clean. Cotton is also a material described as ‘breathable’ which means that it helps you keep cool and fresh on those warm summer evenings.

    So, if you are on the hunt for some super king pillows for your master bedroom or if you’re a bit unsure how to pick the right pillow for you, run through these tips again and make sure you’re getting exactly what you want and need. If you would like to see DUSK’s range of duck feather pillows and goose feather pillows, take a look at our luxury pillows collection.


  3. Long-lasting, super soft and versatile, it's no wonder our pure cotton bedding feels so luxurious.


    Florence White Bedding Set 

    Our bedding collections begin with high quality materials. We use our expertise in bed linens and fabrics to source the best materials around the world for our luxury bedding for less. And there’s nothing better than slipping between quality Suvin cotton sheets.

    Suvin Cotton is considered to be the world’s longest and finest cotton fibre, giving our white bedding its beautifully silky soft feel. Grown exclusively in India, Suvin cotton is stronger, longer and finer than Egyptian cotton. The dense quality of the fibres results in a stunningly soft and lustrous finish for a luxurious look. The superb quality of the cotton means that your bedding just improves with each wash, getting softer and softer and making it a true home investment.

    At DUSK, our bedding is made from 100% Suvin cotton and is available in a crisp percale or a silky sateen. The luxurious cotton bedding is then complemented with Oxford edges, elegant stitching or delicate detail to become our signature styles, only available only at DUSK.com.
    Browse the collections online.

  4. When trying to balance work, family, friends and the home, it is easy to forget that we need to take care of ourselves which can be detrimental to our physical health as well as our mental health. For seven days, National Self Care Week will be promoting how vital it is to take care of yourself, whether that means taking a few minutes to relax or even treating yourself.

    The Dusk Team believe practicing a little self-care a day can boost your emotional, physical, mental and spiritual health for a better-balanced life. Here are a few of their tops tips they'd like to share.

    1. Create YOUR OWN space even if it's making your favourite chair or your bed extra cosy
    2. Take a bath
    3. Read a good book
    4. Snuggle an animal (or our Luxury Faux Fur if you are allergic to pets)
    5. Scroll through Pinterest
    6. Read body positive blogs and find inspirational Instagrammers
    7. Donate books, DVDs and clothes you don't need anymore
    8. Go for a walk
    9. Try a new recipe (or treat yourself to a meal out)
    10. Work out or dance around the room like no one is watching
    11. Binge watch a series on Netflix or NOWTV
    12. Change your bedding for freshly cleaned sheets
    13. Buy that big bar of chocolate you've seen at the shops and watch a movie
    14. See an old friend or chat with your best friend
    15. Make yourself a cup of tea
    16. Take a breath when you start to feel overwhelmed
    17. Tell someone if you're struggling with something
    18. Blast music that makes you happy
    19. Put on some scented lotion
    20. Have a lie in or even an afternoon nap

    And above all else, be gentle with yourself. We can sometimes be our worst critics and beat ourselves up about things we haven't done or should be doing. Give yourself a break. Your mental health is just as important as your physical health.

  5. The Dusk Team believe sleep is the key to a happy, healthy and balanced life, and that starts with your bedding. Find out if the Supreme Goose Down is the right fill for your best night's sleep.

    Goose Down Duvet

    Our Supreme Goose Down Duvets are the epitome of luxury living: Filled with 80% fluffy white goose down and wrapped in 100% cotton percale, the duvet collection is competitively priced to offer you an amazing quality product for less. But there's more to what makes our duvet great.

    There are many benefits to down and feather fills. The fluffy down clusters are a natural insulator with incredibly soft strands that make the duvet incredibly lofty with a slight spring back. An inner core of pure white goose feather adds extra weight and support to keep you warm and cosy at night, while the baffle wall structure keeps the down and feathers in place to avoid lumpy or bald patches.

    Our duvets are encased in 100% superior cotton to compliment the fill for a breathable duvet, perfect for regulating your body temperature during the night.

    Take a look at our Goose Down Duvets here.

  6. When you invest in DUSK bedding, we want to make sure you will get a better night's sleep for years to come rather than a few months. So, the Dusk Team have created some simple guides to help care for your new bed linens and make the most of the high quality feel of the fabrics.

    With all of our bedding we recommend you wash it before use. This will get them smelling great and will allow natural shrinkage in the fabric to occur. Our bedlinen sizing takes into account the fibres natural shrinkage to give you a great fit after washing.

    Before you wash any of your bedding, always check the care label on the individual item for better clarity on washing and ironing temperatures and the cleaning products that should be used.

    Your bedding will look its best for longer when washed at lower temperatures. Wash bedding on its own, avoiding anything with zips or hooks that could catch on the fabric and cause superficial damage.

    Looking after Cotton

    For cotton bedding, always use the best detergent for the product you are washing: colour fabrics are best washed with washing gels or detergents formulated for colours. For pure whites we recommend powders. Avoid using bleaches or optical brighteners as these can cause colours to look washed out and can cause stain patches.

    We'd also recommend flat drying your sheets on the radiator or washing line weather permitting) as the heat and movement of the tumble dryer could cause some damage to the fabric. If you do choose to tumble dry your bedding use a lower temperature and take the bedding out while it is still a little damp. This will also help make your sheets easier to iron for a crisp look.

    Looking after French Linen

    When washing French Linen ensure you do not use any products containing bleach. Bleach can destroy the strength of the natural linen fibres and will most certainly affect the colour. Always check for bleach or bleaching agents in detergents to avoid damaging the fabric. Like cotton, choose the best detergent for your linens with washing gels best for colour and powders better suited for pure whites.

    Linen's naturally crimp fibres give bedding a beautiful relaxed look after washing and drying with little need for ironing. If you do prefer a smoother finish iron the fabric while it is still a little damp to make it easier iron.

  7. Richmond white bedding

    At Dusk.com we pride ourselves in using high quality textiles to create timeless bedding and the thread count of the fabric is part of this, able to adjust the feel and lifespan of the bedding.

    Our team at Dusk.com believe the best thread count is between 200 and 400, and uses 100% pure cotton yarn for a supreme finish and a soft feel that lasts. But what does thread count actually mean?

    Simply put, the thread count is the number of individual threads in a square inch of fabric. But it is much more complicated than that. Fabrics are woven using two types of yarn; the warp and the weft. The warp is the vertical yarn, threaded onto the loom while the weft is the yarn woven through from left to right, a timely process that creates the long reams of fabric. This doesn't necessarily mean the higher the thread count is, the higher the quality.

    Over the years, factories have found a way to increase the thread count of fabric by using low quality thinner yarns, twisting them together to boast a high thread count. Unfortunately, this cheats those who expect higher thread counts to be the best and they often find these fabrics are thinner, lower quality and don’t last.

  8. Duvet Guide

    Choosing the right duvet can be a bit baffling when confronted with tog rating, natural or synthetic fillings and dimensions. We've collected some of the most asked questions by our customers to help you find the best duvet for a perfect night's sleep. 

    What does tog rating mean?

    Tog rating refers to how well your duvet keeps the heat in rather than its thickness. In a scientific sense, tog is a measurement of thermal insulation, with duvet at the lower end of the having a lower level of insulation. We would recommend the All Seasons (13.5 tog) in the winter, the 9 tog in the spring and autumn, and the lighter 4.5 tog during the summer.

    What is an All Seasons duvet?

    Our All Seasons duvet is a convenient way to make sure you're at the right temperature all year round. The All Seasons duvet consists of the light and cool 4.5 tog duvet and the warmer 9 tog duvet, giving an overall 13.5 tog rating and making it perfect for all seasons.
    The two duvets can fasten together for the winter, and taking apart to give you a 4.5 tog in the summer and a 9 tog in the spring and autumn.

    What type of filling should I choose?

    That is dependent on your personal preference. Goose Down is considered the most luxurious while synthetic fillings like microfibre are favoured by those with allergies.
    The Dusk Team have worked hard to choose the best quality fillings for our range of duvets, offering you a choice of Feels Like Down microfibre, duck down and feather, and goose down.

    Which size duvet should I get?

    It's always best to get the duvet designed to fit your bed. So, if you have a double bed, choose a double duvet. If you share your bed you might want to move up a size in duvet to make your bed super cosy without having to worry about cover stealers.

    Still have questions? Feel free to comment them below and our Dusk Team will answer them.

  9. Dusk pillow collection

    Getting a peaceful night's sleep is vital for your health and comfort and can be affected by a number of different factors including your pillow. Choosing the wrong pillow can cause headaches, neck and shoulder tension, not to mention feeling groggy and grumpy during the day. At dusk.com, we believe your new pillow should be chosen based on your sleeping habits and personal needs. That's why we've created a handy guide to help you choose the pillow that's right for you, matching pillows to your preferred sleep style.

    Back Sleeper
    Dusk Suggests:
    If you find yourself feeling more comfortable lying on your back, a thick pillow with a medium level of firmness could be the best choice. Your neck will need additional support so your head doesn't sink to the mattress, causing unwanted tension and strain. Choose a firmer, thicker pillow for support and add a softer pillow on top for added comfort.

    Side Sleeper
    Dusk Suggests:
    When you sleep on your side it will be important to choose a pillow that can keep your head and neck a lined with the spine. Choosing a firmer pillow will offer the additional neck support needed to wake up feeling refreshed and will help to prevent a sore neck.

    Stomach Sleeper
    Dusk Suggests:
    Stomach sleepers only need a small amount of support to allow the neck to stay more in line with the spine. A softer and flatter pillow will offer the right level of support while creating a comfy rest for a cosy night's sleep.

    Mixed Sleeper
    Dusk Suggests:
    If you don't have a favourite sleeping position and feel yourself shifting throughout the night you may need a more versatile pillow to match your sleep style. Choosing a pillow with a medium level of support and some softness can be used comfortably in a variety of different positions, offering continued comfort.

    Discover your sleep style partner pillow and choose from Feels Like Down, Duck Feather and Down, or the Supreme Goose Down Pillow.

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