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  1. Get Your Bed Summer Ready With Best Bedding Products

    Get Your Bed Summer Ready With Best Bedding Products

    What are the best ways to get your bed ready for the summer months? None of us want to be too hot on those warmer nights and the change in temperature at this time of year is a fantastic reason to bring on some new luxury bedding! Let’s have a look at the ways in which luxury cushions, designer bedding and quality cotton sheets can get you ready for the new season. Whether you’re looking to invest in a new single duvet or a full bedding collection, we’ve got some beautiful summer bedding at Dusk, all at affordable prices.

    Review the latest bedding collection designs

    Nothing says ‘new summer season’ like a white and crisp bedding set. It brightens up a whole room instantly and the cotton material oozes summer freshness. Take a look at some of our favourite, luxury bedding collections at Dusk. Most of our collections are available from a single duvet size up to super king size

    Introduce cotton softness

    Cotton is one of the most luxurious yet practical fabrics you can use on your bed. It is well-known as one of the best materials for the summer months as its fibres help to keep you cool during the night. You can choose from sateen or percale for your cotton duvet set at Dusk, both are high quality 100% cotton. Percale offers a more matte finish while sateen has a shiny quality to it.

    Bring on the cushions!

    An array of fresh new decorative cushions in your bedroom can add a new summer statement straight away too. Modern bedding is not just about duvet sets and pillows. Faux fur, honey comb knit or textured waffle: luxury cushions can add sparkle, softness and style, depending on the design you choose.

    Take pride in your pillows

    A new pillow for the summer can make a real difference to your sleep, especially if your old one is tired and worn. Our goose feather and down pillows at Dusk give you the spring and firmness you need in a cushion. Considered one of the most luxurious and high-quality fillings for pillows, goose feather and down, provide support thanks to strong feathers and softness with the lofty down.

    And finally…

    Don’t forget to consider a new duvet. Changing to a lower tog duet can give you the comfort of a duvet draping over you, whilst keeping you cool. We offer a low 4.5 Tog duvet in all of our duvets for those who find themselves getting too hot on those summer nights. If you are looking for all year round duvet then the All Seasons duvets are perfect for you, a 4.5 tog and a 9 tog duvet which buttons together for the winter nights, but give you the flexibility of having ether duvet on the rest of the year.



  2. Bedding luxury - why cotton bedding is so special

    Cotton bedding has a whole suite of different qualities that make it special. Perhaps one of the most special things about cotton as a fabric for luxury bedding is that it is understated. As a traditional material, readily available and used in high volume all over the world it is understandable not to consider cotton as a ‘special’. But it’s wide and varied uses are indeed the very reasons why cotton is unique.

    So, what are the qualities that make cotton so special and where is the best place to buy cotton bed linen online?

    We’ve put together a quick guide to reveal all. Have a read…

    What is unique about cotton bedding?

    First of all, let’s have a look at why luxury bedding sets are made from cotton:

    • Its durable and therefore lasts longer. This means that in the long-term, buying cotton bedding sheets means you can save money, as you will not need to replace them as often as other alternatives.
    • Its comfortable on your skin. Cotton is special because it provides a smoothness and crisp feel next to your skin, ideal for when you are ready to hit the hay after a long day. In particular, if you have allergies, cotton is a great fabric to sleep beside as it is hypoallergenic and less likely to cause itchy irritations throughout the night.
    • There’s less maintenance with cotton sheets. They are machine washable at a 30-40 degree temperature and they do not need to be ironed to look good on your bed. They can also be tumbled dried (tip: remove when slightly damp and dry flat so it can be stored neatly or put on your bed straight away).
    • Cotton is breathable, meaning it has a unique capability of adjusting as your body changes temperature through the night. It absorbs body heat and therefore keeps you cool as you sleep. Polyester and other synthetic materials are different as they keep in the heat and you are more likely to become too hot and wake up more regularly as a result.
    • It’s flexible in terms of design. Cotton can be used to look incredible on modern bedding as well as more traditional bedding designs. Fashions in bedding design may come and go but cotton has remained the fabric of choice for all styles through the years and continues to do so. So, whether it’s designer bedding you’re after or you want to achieve a more conventional impression in a room, then cotton is your optimum material.


    Bedding sets

    At Dusk, we have a full variety of cotton bedding collections and luxury bedding sets. If you are looking for a modern appeal, then the Mayfair bed linen collection is ideal. It is made from 400 thread count cotton sateen* and has straight stitched cord edging on all the pillow and duvet cover borders. The collection is available in all sizes and with the stitching in a range of colours, including white, grey, pink, navy blue and light blue.

    *Cotton sateen sheets offer a sheen finish because of the way in which they are threaded, perfect if you want to add a subtle shine to your room.

  3. Towels with a twist…

    The simple towel.

    Sitting all alone in your bathroom, largely forgotten and sometimes only remembered when it is not there anymore because it has been unceremoniously dumped in the laundry basket.

    But don’t feel sorry for the humble towel, although it may not seem like every desert islander’s luxury or essential item, it is indeed luxurious and essential, as least the ones at Dusk are.

    Made from 100% quality cotton our towels are quick to dry, super absorbent and faultlessly fluffy – but how? 

    It’s all in the twist

    If you are after the softest, most plushest of fabrics for getting dry and warm quickly after a bath or shower, towels made using zero twist technology will certainly fit the bill. In the twist process, yarns for the towel are twisted so that extra strength is provided, the heavier the twist, the stronger the towel. The larger surface area which is created in the towel, thanks to this process, creates greater absorbency and softness.

    Conversely, less quality fabrics have to be spun many times to achieve the same quality. Dusk towels do not need to be twisted during production because they are made from long, high quality staple cotton. Remember that most towels are made from cotton, but some cotton towels are better quality than others. Better in the sense of softness, absorbency and durability levels which are higher in the thicker towels made with zero twist technology. 

    Have a look at our ribbed towels, the Monocao collection for a stylish addition to your bathroom or the Antibes collection with striking border feature. All our towels are made from zero twist technology but they each offer a different style for your bathroom.

    And remember, when it comes to good quality, luxury towels, the twist is, there is no twist…

  4. Why luxury bed linen is necessary for a beautiful home

    Luxury bedding plays a central role in making a home beautiful. It forms part of the finishing touches that although may seem small, actually make a huge, overall visual impact and first impression. You may have beautiful bedroom furniture but if your bedding design is below par then its features will not stand out. Luxury bedding is necessary to be warm and comfortable throughout the night, but it is also an important accessory that complements the rest of your bedroom. 

    Bedding collections

    Bedding collections, like all other soft furnishings are a matter of choice. Modern and traditional bedding sets are available at DUSK. Our range of white bedding collections are particular favourites for those wanting to create a luxurious tone to their bedroom. The full range covers every size, from single bed linen to king size duvets.

    DUSK’s Venice bedding collection is one of the most popular choices for those looking to recreate the boutique hotel look in their own homes. Made with cotton sateen weave, the silky sheen is soft to the touch and creates an indulgent and decadent finish to look at.

    Alternatively, there is the Milano bedding set in either grey or natural colours, both adding a subtle edge of colour. The cotton percale material gives a fresh and clean finish and the oxford border’s clean lines complement the clean finish of this beautiful bedding set.

    Do I need a luxury bedding pillow?

    The simple answer is a resounding ‘yes’. Not only it is important to keep your head and neck supported and comfortable throughout the night, it is also important that your pillow is in keeping with the luxury and sophistication you have created in your bedroom. 

    The role of throws…

    …and cushions. Luxury cushions and throws are a staple ingredient when it comes to creating and maintaining a beautiful home. Our unique range of luxury throws and cushions look simply stunning on their own or as a layer of luxury within an already deluxe bedding set. DUSK’s luxury faux fur is a firm favourite for those looking to add warmth and texture to their bedding. The impactful design with short and soft pile creates an instant statement in any room. The St Ives light grey knitted throw creates a design statement of a different kind, with its soft chucky knit finish and pastel colour, its subtly charming yet modest and elegant, all rolled into one.

    Mattress protection

    Mattress and pillow protection may not seem like your usual luxury bedding items but if you want to maintain a luxury feel to your bedroom then a mattress protector and pillow protectors are important. DUSK’s mattress protectors are made from 100% cotton which means that as well as protecting, they are also keeping you cool and fresh in the summer months. Similarly, our pillow protectors keep luxury locked in with 100% quilted cotton for maximum head support and comfort throughout the night.

    So, whether it is designer bedding, stylish cushions, luxurious throws or a few practical solutions to maintaining the quality of your bedroom, DUSK has the perfect array of products to make your complete luxury bedroom package.

  5. A guide to choosing the perfect pillow

    Choosing the right pillow is, on the surface, a relatively simple process. But there are some things to consider before you go ahead and purchase. For example, which type of pillow filling do you plump for? Goose down feather pillows? Or duck down pillows?

    Remember that pillow fillings are different for a reason

    Pillows have different fillings for a reason. For example, goose feather pillows are different from duck feather and down pillows. Goose feathers are usually softer and larger individually, therefore offering more support. However, duck feathers are still a favourite and are very durable. Down is softer than feathers and considered to be the softest, most luxurious filling available. To get the right balance, our goose feather and down pillows contain the ideal combination of both feathers to provide support and down for softness.  

    Dusk Goose Down Pillows

    Consider allergies

    Goose down pillows and duck feather pillows can sometimes cause a reaction for those with allergies. If you have an allergy, or if you want to buy pillows for someone who does, then consider DUSK’s Feels Like Down Super Soft pillow collection. Packed with down-quality fill, these pillows are breathable and lightweight and made from 100% microfibre with a soft skin casing.

    Focus on fabric

    In other words, don’t dismiss the fabric that covers your bedding pillow. Find out the type of material that directly covers your pillow. This is again important for those who suffer from allergies or have sensitive skin. While goose down pillows and duck down pillows provide the ultimate filling, make sure the casing of your pillow as just as high quality.

    At DUSK, our range of pillows are made with 100% cotton percale which means that thanks to the unique properties of cotton, they are fresh to the touch and easy to keep clean. Cotton is also a material described as ‘breathable’ which means that it helps you keep cool and fresh on those warm summer evenings.

    So, if you are on the hunt for some super king pillows for your master bedroom or if you’re a bit unsure how to pick the right pillow for you, run through these tips again and make sure you’re getting exactly what you want and need. If you would like to see DUSK’s range of duck feather pillows and goose feather pillows, take a look at our luxury pillows collection.


  6. Top Bedding Products to Refresh Your Bedding This Spring

    Before you know it, Spring will have sprung and it will be time to spring clean your bedroom again. What better way to freshen your bedding and bed linen sets than with some of the top luxury bedding products DUSK has on offer? Let’s have a look at some of the most coveted covers and favourite fluffy duvets...

    Luxury duvets and pillows

    Whether it’s natural or synthetic, a perfectly filled luxury duvet is a must for Spring. So, if your Queen duvet is feeling a little less regal than it once was or your pillows are looking distinctly sorry for themselves, then it’s time to consider a new fluffy goose down or synthetic duvet or pillow from DUSK. Goose down is a firm favourite when it comes to duvet and pillow fillings, but also popular is duck down; both offer extreme softness and support for your neck and shoulders. And if you suffer from allergies it’s wise to look at our ‘Feels Like Down’ range which is made from 100% Microfibre and keep allergens at bay.

    Luxury duvet sets

    Dusk Duvet & Pillowcase Sets

    Cotton bedding is perfect for when the seasons change. As a breathable and natural material, cotton keeps you insulated in winter and when it comes to Spring, it also keeps you cool. Using 100% cotton pillow cases and duvets sets will make your room look chic and you can tailor it to your own unique style with a range of different, light and neutral tones with a hint of colour, texture and pattern.

    Designer bedding: throws and cushions

    Dusk Twilight Pink Collection

    Modern bedding comes in all different shapes and sizes and is not limited to simply a king duvet set and matching pillows. Modern bedding now includes luxury throws, cushions, bed spreads and pillows. Our throws range includes a variety of different textures and styles, from chunky and honey comb knits to faux fur and waffled textured, all in classically neutral tones including pinks, greys and beiges. Cushions also add a different dimension to your bed, allowing you to add or remove a certain style or quality, instantly. The Helsinki faux fur cushion and the Aspen cushion cover are two of the most popular ranges at DUSK.  Have a look at our full cushions and throws range here.

    Tips when buying your bedding this Spring

    When shopping for bed linen online, whether it’s a pair of pillowcases, cushion cover, or a super king duvet, we recommend you always take a detailed look at the product specifications to make sure you are getting the right size for your needs.
    We also suggest you consider the change in seasons and think about your own body temperature when you sleep at night. Take some time to think about your sleep position too and what kind of support you are looking for in a pillow to suit your own sleep style.

    And finally, keep checking for DUSK’s regular luxury bedding sets discounts and offers on our bedding products. If you don’t want to miss out on a luxury bedding sale from DUSK, create an account today to be kept up to date with all the latet DUSK offers.

  7. Hotel Boutique Chic –achieve the look in three simple steps

    Calm, relaxing and opulent. Boutique hotels have rocketed in popularity over the last decade, not only because more people wish to stay in them but because many want to recreate the distinctive style in their own bedrooms. The muted, yet undeniable charm and elegance has made the boutique look one of the most sought-after bedroom styles.  Let us show you how you can achieve boutique chic with a few simple tips.

    1.Introduce white high-quality cotton 

    First and foremost, the simplest, most effective way to capture the look is to ensure your bedding is a gentle mix of mainly whites with hints of other pastel shades, like light pinks and greys. Crisp white bedding with a high thread count oozes quality, so make sure you check that your bed linen is made from 100% cotton. Most hotels use percale, a densely woven fabric that makes it strong and durable, as well as soft and silky. 

    2.Accessorise wisely

    It's easy to go over the top with accessories, mistakenly thinking that ‘more is more’ – when often, the old adage, ‘less is more’ is more apt. Subdued colours such as creams, beiges and greys in a mix of fabrics work really well. Your bed will look divine with a scattering of cushions and throws that complement an existing theme or make a statement. Introduce some fresh cut flowers or scented candles to your room. These will appeal to the other senses, creating the full effect of a boutique room. And don’t forget to invest in soft, plump pillows filled with duck and goose feather and down. If you are allergic then Microfibre is a great replacement that is soft, yet supportive.

    3.Make some subtle introductions…

    One thing that really makes a bedroom feel like luxury are those little things, the lone chair in the corner of the room, with a soft throw in contrasting colours draped over it, the drinks station at the side of your drawers indicates an element of indulgence. These additions may not be a necessity but they represent features found in boutique hotel rooms.

    For an easy way to realsing your boutique hotel room dreams, have a look at DUSK’s range of high quality cotton bed linen, available as luxury duvets, flat sheets and pillow cases. We also have a full range of luxury pillows and bedding accessories to choose from. Go on, take a peek www.dusk.com 

  8. ‘Rise and shine’ - 4 ways to survive winter mornings

    We admit it. Leaving your warm spot in those soft cotton sheets on a dark and unsympathetic morning in December was never going to be easy. But needs must for many of us and it can sometimes be those little changes that make all the difference to a woeful winter. So, if you are not a natural early morning lark, and need some help embracing the cold break of day, check out our tips.

    1)Prepare. The night before, get things ready so you can leap into action the next day. It’s not rocket science, we know, but planning like this can help you feel more organised and therefore less stressed in the mornings. Going through the motions is much easier when your clothes, bag and briefcase are laid out for you, requiring minimal thoughts or decisions to be made!

    2)Get to bed early. As the importance of sleeps continues to move up the self-care agenda, we are realising how crucial our nighttime slumber is to our overall well-being. Feeling more refreshed in the morning gives you a renewed ration of energy to face the day ahead and can make those early starts much easier. If you’re not used to getting to sleep early, try it out as a one-off..you might be surprised how different you feel.

    3)Let there be light. According to research in the Telegraph (2014) there are approximately two million people in Britain who suffer from SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) – a condition where sufferers feel fine during the summer months but often sad, down and lethargic in winter when light is at a premium and winteriness is all around. If you experience SAD, it is important to note the importance of light. There are lots of different light therapies, or phototherapy devices available that replicate natural lightness. These light boxes/devices are often used as treatment for SAD and are available at a range of different prices.

    4)Treat yourself. Dark and dank days can feel like they’re never going to end. Put a full-stop to your winter weeks by treating yourself to something to help keep you motivated. This could be a new luxury shower gel to make your morning shower more inviting, a new page-turning novel to read on the train while you commute to work, or perhaps some new bright and light bedding to help you with a restful night sleep. Whatever it is that makes you feel treated and a little indulged, give it a go! 

     If you would like to see our full range of light and bright bed linen collections as a special treat this winter, take a look at our current offers.  

  9. Milano Duvet and Pillow Set in Natural

    Nights are drawing in and the temperature is dropping; it’s beginning to feel like autumn. Take your bedroom through to the next season by adding elements of warmth and cosiness this autumn.
    Here are DUSK’s top tips for keeping it cosy.

    Bring warmer shades to the bedroom to replace the cool summer palette, and create a cosy nook for bedtime. Be inspired by the changing season by introducing natural autumnal tones to your rooms. 

    Soft Fabrics
    Now the cold weather is here it’s time to switch to warmer, softer fabrics to get you through the autumn and winter months. A higher tog duvet is a must but it’s also a good idea to add layers to the bed for those chilly nights. Choose a 9 tog, or the thicker All Seasons duvet and complete the cosy feel with a bedspread or throw to add luxurious texture to your bed.

    The easiest and quickest way to get the Autumnal look is with accessories to compliment the high thread count cotton bedding set. Add chunky knits and fluffy cushions to your bed, and candles with warming fragrances for an uplifting feel.

  10. Chunky knits are back in style on the catwalk and in the bedroom.

    Create a lusciously cosy and on trend bedroom with throws and pillows from the Oslo Collection or the gorgeous St Ives Collection.

    The ultimate in Hygge and Cosagach comfort, the Oslo Collection takes inspiration from Scandinavian style to create a beautiful hand finished piece for your bedroom or living room. With a honeycomb knit, you can instantly create a cosy feel with your white linen for a perfect wintery look.

    For a real statement, add the thick chunky knit of the St Ives throw to your room for the ultimate in comfort.

    While they look great in your home, on trend knits also make the perfect gift for a loved one. Wrap in brown paper and dress with a bow for a gorgeous and luxurious gift for less. Get it by Christmas and order next day delivery by Wednesday 20th December.

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