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  1. ‘Rise and shine’ - 4 ways to survive winter mornings

    We admit it. Leaving your warm spot in those soft cotton sheets on a dark and unsympathetic morning in December was never going to be easy. But needs must for many of us and it can sometimes be those little changes that make all the difference to a woeful winter. So, if you are not a natural early morning lark, and need some help embracing the cold break of day, check out our tips.

    1)Prepare. The night before, get things ready so you can leap into action the next day. It’s not rocket science, we know, but planning like this can help you feel more organised and therefore less stressed in the mornings. Going through the motions is much easier when your clothes, bag and briefcase are laid out for you, requiring minimal thoughts or decisions to be made!

    2)Get to bed early. As the importance of sleeps continues to move up the self-care agenda, we are realising how crucial our nighttime slumber is to our overall well-being. Feeling more refreshed in the morning gives you a renewed ration of energy to face the day ahead and can make those early starts much easier. If you’re not used to getting to sleep early, try it out as a might be surprised how different you feel.

    3)Let there be light. According to research in the Telegraph (2014) there are approximately two million people in Britain who suffer from SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) – a condition where sufferers feel fine during the summer months but often sad, down and lethargic in winter when light is at a premium and winteriness is all around. If you experience SAD, it is important to note the importance of light. There are lots of different light therapies, or phototherapy devices available that replicate natural lightness. These light boxes/devices are often used as treatment for SAD and are available at a range of different prices.

    4)Treat yourself. Dark and dank days can feel like they’re never going to end. Put a full-stop to your winter weeks by treating yourself to something to help keep you motivated. This could be a new luxury shower gel to make your morning shower more inviting, a new page-turning novel to read on the train while you commute to work, or perhaps some new bright and light bedding to help you with a restful night sleep. Whatever it is that makes you feel treated and a little indulged, give it a go! 

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