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Monthly Archives: September 2017

  1. Dusk pillow collection

    Getting a peaceful night's sleep is vital for your health and comfort and can be affected by a number of different factors including your pillow. Choosing the wrong pillow can cause headaches, neck and shoulder tension, not to mention feeling groggy and grumpy during the day. At, we believe your new pillow should be chosen based on your sleeping habits and personal needs. That's why we've created a handy guide to help you choose the pillow that's right for you, matching pillows to your preferred sleep style.

    Back Sleeper
    Dusk Suggests:
    If you find yourself feeling more comfortable lying on your back, a thick pillow with a medium level of firmness could be the best choice. Your neck will need additional support so your head doesn't sink to the mattress, causing unwanted tension and strain. Choose a firmer, thicker pillow for support and add a softer pillow on top for added comfort.

    Side Sleeper
    Dusk Suggests:
    When you sleep on your side it will be important to choose a pillow that can keep your head and neck a lined with the spine. Choosing a firmer pillow will offer the additional neck support needed to wake up feeling refreshed and will help to prevent a sore neck.

    Stomach Sleeper
    Dusk Suggests:
    Stomach sleepers only need a small amount of support to allow the neck to stay more in line with the spine. A softer and flatter pillow will offer the right level of support while creating a comfy rest for a cosy night's sleep.

    Mixed Sleeper
    Dusk Suggests:
    If you don't have a favourite sleeping position and feel yourself shifting throughout the night you may need a more versatile pillow to match your sleep style. Choosing a pillow with a medium level of support and some softness can be used comfortably in a variety of different positions, offering continued comfort.

    Discover your sleep style partner pillow and choose from Feels Like Down, Duck Feather and Down, or the Supreme Goose Down Pillow.

  2. Be inspired by the Twilight Collection and add a flush of dusky pink to your bedding for a gorgeous layered look.

    Twilight Collection

    Style your bed like a pro by adding a simple bedspread with matching cushions to create something out of an interior design magazine. The different textures and colours will add depth for a truly luxurious feel that will highlight your bed as a focal point.

    Start with something simple

    Mayfair in Pink

    We began with our bestselling Mayfair duvet and pillow set in pink. The crisp cotton percale features a pretty pink detail perfect for the look.

    Soften up

    Twilight bedspread

    White bedding looks amazing on your bed, but add a layer or two and it creates an inviting and cosy feel. The soft pink and grey of the reversible Twilight quilt is ideal for adding that extra cosiness, giving you the choice of pink or grey to refresh your look.

    The finishing touch...

    Twilight Cushion Cover

    The Twilight Cushion Covers with the Feather Cushion Pad complete the look for ultimate comfort.

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