15 Stylish Storage Ideas for Small Bedrooms

We all know that a tidy life is a tidy mind, and for small bedrooms, having an uncluttered space with smart storage solutions is ever more important. After all, your bedroom should be somewhere you can relax and escape to after a long day, not a place where you’re constantly tripping over shoes and boxes. 

Whether you need bedroom storage ideas or you’re looking for crafty ways to keep your bedroom organised, from storage headboards to DIY jewellery holders, it’s easy to create the organised bedroom you’ve been dreaming of. 

In this blog post, the team at DUSK have come together to help you with all your storage needs, so even the smallest of bedrooms can be a true sanctuary.

Opt For A Headboard With Storage

We know that your bed is often the focal point of your bedroom, so why not make the most out of it? A storage headboard is an ideal way to maximise your space while also keeping that sleek and minimalist finish to your bedroom. 

Headboard storage solutions offer ample shelving space to store anything from your favourite books to pretty reed diffusers to make your bedroom smell as beautiful as it looks. It’s also perfect when you don’t have space for a bedside table as you can still keep all your essentials close to hand. 

Choose A Bedframe With Drawers

Is your dresser taking up too much space in your bedroom? Does it make your bedroom feel cramp and cluttered? We know that more clutter can lead to a poor night’s sleep. That’s why you should ditch your dresser and choose a bed frame that will offer you the same amount of drawer space.

Drawers under your bed are the perfect place to store clothes, spare bed linen and even books or files. It’s also the perfect solution for storing seasonal clothes, such as your summer shorts or swimming costumes, in order to keep your wardrobe looking organised and clean.

Install Cork For To Show Off Your Jewels

If you own some fabulous jewels, don’t keep them hidden away in a drawer where they can easily tangle and get lost among other items. A cheap, easy and practical way to not only store but also show off your jewellery is to make your own cork board jewellery holder

Whether you want to stay with the look of the cork and let your jewellery do all the talking or you want to make it a whole new feature in your bedroom, both are cost effective and extremely practical. To keep with the theme of your room, match a  small piece of fabric to your cushions, throw or bedding and then simply cover the corkboard for a unique addition to your bedroom. 

Add Hooks To The Back Of Your Wardrobe

Behind your fabulous collection of clothing, there’s a full wall of space that is just begging to be used. Simply attach hooks to the back of your wardrobe for a whole host of extra hanging space. Command hooks are a great option if you’re not wanting to drill anything permanent to the back of your closet as they can be easily removed when needed. 

Although this may not be completely practical for items you use on a regular basis, it makes the perfect spot for those smaller handbags that you only take out on rare occasions, alongside small umbrellas, or even lightweight jackets. 

Create Space With Drawer Organisers 

We know that drawers are just asking to be messy and that every home has at least one junk drawer, whether that be in your bedroom, kitchen or office. With that being said, it’s easy to keep your drawers tidy and also create extra space with a little help from drawer organisers. 

Do your makeup drawers need a little extra love? Is your bedding just thrown into a spare drawer? By using an organiser or separator in your drawers, you’ll be surprised at just how much extra storage space you can create.

DIY A Full Length Mirror Jewellery Cabinet

If having your jewellery on show isn’t your thing but you still need a way to store it, a DIY jewellery cabinet will help you to stay organised. Not only will a full length mirror bounce natural light around your room, making it feel more spacious and airy, it can also be the perfect spot to store your jewellery with some simple DIY. 

Simply attach small hooks of your choice to the wall in the space that you would like the mirror to sit. By adding hinges to your full length mirror and attaching it to the wall, it will look sleek and sophisticated while disguising all your treasures. 

Create Picture Ledge Nightstands 

Bedside tables are the perfect place to pop down a glass of water and your favourite book while you sleep, but they can also take up a lot of space which may not be completely practical for small bedrooms.  

Picture ledges, can hold a whole lot more than just some pictures. They are inexpensive, easy to install and will look extremely sleek and modern in your bedroom all while taking up very little space.   

Add A Window Seat To Bay Windows 

Do you have a bay window in your bedroom that is completely unused space? Creating a window seat is great for storage and also offers a lovely spot to sit with a book and a cup of tea. 

Choose from a ready-made storage bench that can accommodate all your spare throws, blankets and cushions. Alternatively, create your own custom built in storage seat using supplies from local DIY stores. This way you can decide what storage you need most, whether that be shelf space for books or additional drawers to keep clothing. 

Vacuum Pack Your Winter Wardrobe

Is your wardrobe too small, leaving clothes overflowing and spilling out onto your bedroom floor? If you can only fit a small wardrobe in your bedroom, section your clothes into different seasonal categories, keeping your chunky knits for the winter and denim shorts for summer. 

Instead of just putting them in a spare drawer, vacuum packing your clothes will help to save space by making them as compact as possible. This means they can be easily slipped underneath your bed or at the bottom of your wardrobe without taking up too much space until you next need them.

Be Smart Organising Your Shoes

We know that shoes can take up a lot of space, especially those glamorous high heels, that’s why using some of these handy shoe organisers can help keep your collection looking neat and tidy — even if you have very little space to play with. 

Instead of throwing them into the bottom of your wardrobe, store them under your bed. This can be done using either a storage box or a rolling underbed shelf. Alternatively, hang them on the back of your bedroom door or wardrobe door using hanging shoe storage to keep them neat and out of the way. 

Double Up Your Desk

If you’re struggling for space and need to decide between a desk and a nightstand, why not choose both? Instead of buying a nightstand, simply double up your desk. A desk will likely have more storage space than a nightstand, often boasting more drawers and of course, a greater surface area. 

Place your desk next to your bed so that you aren’t compromising on a space to work whilst still having a spot for a bedside lamp and somewhere to keep your phone as you sleep. 

Place A Storage Bench At The Foot Of Your Bed

Where should you put your winter duvet during the summer months? Or thick and heavy bedspreads that are a winter essential? A storage bench is the perfect place to hide any larger items that you are struggling to find space for. 

Whilst also looking elegant and providing an ideal place to sit to put your heels on when you’re getting ready, storage benches can also hold any awkwardly shaped items that take up too much space on shelves and in drawers.

Display Your Heels On A Storage Ladder

Ladders make the ultimate high heel organiser and look effortlessly cool in any bedroom. Not only will it give your heels the time of day they deserve, it also means that choosing the perfect shoe to match your outfit has never been easier!

A storage ladder is also an ideal place to add scarves, small handbags and even chunky jewellery. Simply decorate with all your favourite accessories for a stylish, smart storage solution in a small bedroom.

Rethink Your Laundry Basket

Are you looking to achieve more floor space in your bedroom? Clear up a little extra space by ditching your laundry basket for a storage idea perfect for smaller bedrooms.

A laundry bag that hangs on the inside of your wardrobe door or inside your cupboard not only hides your dirty laundry but also creates more space. It also makes taking your washing to the machine without leaving a trail of loose socks behind you much easier. 

Introduce A Floating Bookshelf 

Floating shelves are a fabulous way of freeing up some floor space and can also be made to look extremely stylish within a bedroom. Use the space for all your books that have been left lying around and decorate with small plants or trinkets to make it look homely and welcoming. 

What makes this even better is that you can add as many floating shelves as you need around your room depending on how big your book collection is. 

Will you be changing up the storage in your bedroom? We’d love to hear how you create smart storage in your small bedroom! Let us know on Facebook or Instagram. And for more top tips, check out our advice on the DUSK blog.