10 Easy Ways to Create a Chic White Bedroom You'll Love

You may think that a white bedroom could be sterile and boring, but with the right accessories and a little know-how, you can easily create that chic white bedroom that you’ve been dreaming of. From pastel accent throws to statement lighting, you will have a warm and welcoming white bedroom.

Extremely versatile, a white bedroom is a blank canvas to all your design needs in order to make it your own. Whether you’re wanting to keep with neutral tones or incorporate a pop of colour, now is the perfect time to create that stylish room you’ve envisioned. 

In this blog post, the team at DUSK have come together to give you 10 white bedroom ideas. These are our DUSK top tips for creating that beautiful white bedroom of your dreams.

Remember Your Undertones

You may think that choosing paint when you want a white bedroom is an easy task, however, it soon becomes the battle of the undertones. Do you prefer a bright stark white? If so,  Pure Brilliant White bounces natural light and will give that crisp fresh feel to your bedroom.  It’s easy to think that white is just white, but see below how when placed together, there can be many striking variations between shades:

If you have a north facing bedroom, a white paint with warmer undertones will work best to create a cosy atmosphere (look for pink, gold and brown hues). Where if you have a south facing bedroom, you risk warm undertones looking yellow a true white or cooler shade will work brilliantly (keep an eye out for grey, blue, green and violet undertones). 

Integrate Pattern and Texture

You can keep an all white colour palette by integrating pattern and texture into your bedroom to add depth. Create a feature wall with white and neutrally coloured wallpaper. Alternatively, an exposed brick wall is a great way to add texture to a white room, looking stylish yet rustic. If you’re wanting to stay white, you can white wash your brick wall which will mute the natural colour. 

Additionally, placing neutrally toned and off-white cushions and throws onto a bed dressed in white bed linen will create a truly tasteful bedroom. Deciding on a white bed set that has delicate features such as pom poms and beautiful ladder lace is another great and simple way to add texture to your bed. 

Choose Accent Colours

Transform your bedroom with a pop of colour! A chic white bedroom will be perfectly complemented with bright and bold colours. Create an elegant and sophisticated room with navy blue accessories. Layering navy blue cushions and draping a navy throw over the bottom of your bed will look sophisticated and inviting. 

Choose the perfect colour for your bedroom depending on the overall mood you want your bedroom to have. Colours such as orange and mustard against white walls and bedding will help create a bright and jolly bedroom full of life and fun. If you prefer a cooler colour palette, using blue accent colours will give you those beautiful beachy vibes in the comfort of your own bedroom.  


To help you out, check out the colour wheel below when choosing colours for your bedroom. Complimentary colours face each other diagonally on the colour wheel. 

Image Source: https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/476359521

Modern And Monochromatic

A white bedroom can keep that clean, modern look whilst also feeling welcoming by contrasting with monochrome colours. Choosing black lighting features and hanging black and white prints on a white wall will give a very contemporary finish. 

If you love the idea of stark black and white contrasts but want to soften it a little, look no further than a light grey fur throw, striking but smooth and immediately adding that touch of warmth and glamour. 

Install An Oversized Headboard 

An oversized headboard is a great decorative feature that creates a distinct focal point within a bedroom. Whether you prefer the look of a wall to wall headboard or a taller option that is the width of the bed, both will create a statement within any bedroom. 

Choose a wood style to create a more rustic country look or upholster with any material of your choice depending on the look you’re going for. If you already have an accent colour, matching the headboard within the same colour palette will unify the whole room.

Pretty With Pastels

A light and delicate palette can be complemented with pretty pastel colours such as pale pink and light grey. Craft a dainty and elegant ambience in your bedroom with serene white bedding paired with a pretty pink shade for knitted cushions and throws

Another option would be to paint your walls a beautiful shade of white and choose pink or grey bedding with white furnishings to create a soft and glamorous contrast. A subtle upgrade that has a tonne of impact!

It’s All About The Lighting

Choosing a statement lighting piece will instantly create that wow-factor in any room. It’s all about the effect that a lighting piece has while it is turned on as well as off.  Using a statement lighting fixture will fill a space as well as often cast beautiful shadows across the room and create an overall grand ambience. 

For a chic white bedroom, look at soft materials such as feathers for a glamorous touch, or a macrame chandelier style for a more neutral boho finish. For a modern look, choose an industrial style pendant to create a fashionable contrast against white walls and furnishings.

Add Drama With Panelling

If you’re wondering how to keep your chic white walls but add a bit of drama, panelling is a great option! There are several different styles of panelling depending on your style, from decadent ribbed panelling to grand Jacobean-style grid — even better... You can do it yourself! 

While a white wall adds a crisp bright feature, introducing panelling that is painted white will add depth and intrigue as well as create a feature wall that is a great talking point.

Celebrate Art

Art is the perfect way to create a focal point in the bedroom that is something other than the furniture. If you prefer a more understated look when it comes to dressing your bed, hanging a large print above will easily draw the eye. 

Choose a feature colour that will match accessories in your bedroom, stick with a neutral colour palette for a clean classic look. If you love the idea of a bold colour on a feature wall, but you are worried about making the room feel small, using a large bright white print will help brighten up the space without taking away from the bold feature. 

Create A Warm Rustic Touch

White and warm wood is a whimsical combination of glamour and charm. Wood furniture will stand out beautifully against a painted white wall and will also contrast wonderfully against a white bed set, making the bed frame the focal point of the bedroom. 

Cosy yet contemporary, wood features in a white bedroom is a trend that does not fade away with the seasons and is the epitome of refined elegance. 

Do you have any further tips for creating that dream-worthy chic white bedroom? We’d love to hear! Tell us your decor tricks on Instagram or Facebook.